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Enabling African communities to thrive and innovate.

Encouraging people for passionate and responsible living.


Growth Center Agabu

Together with our local partners from Extending Hope we are building up Agabu, a technology and schooling hub in the midst of the African bush.

Through close collaboration with the local communities, Agabu experienced radical transformation over recent years. In 2016 a Bush Clinic has been built to serve the most immediate needs of the people. On a yearly basis, the place is hosting the School for Sustainable Development (SSD), which is teaching novel farming techniques to students coming from all around Africa.

Zäme Unterwägs joined this endeavor in 2021 and is focusing on international exchange of knowledge.


Making Agabu a lively place.


We strongly believe in the value of intercultural exchange - especially within Africa.

The Guesthouse is currently in construction and will feature rooms for up to 22 guests per night. The large living room and the veranda can be used to hold workshops and teaching sessions.

Regular revenue from hosting guests allows us to hire more workers and encourage them to thrive.

Vision 2023


Getting the youth excited for STEM.

In early 2022, Timon unexpectedly met with Dumisani Kaliati, a young malawian entrepreneur running a local drone start-up company.

Dumisani's passion to educate the youth and spark their interest in technology, got me excited. This is a promising future for Africa!

A Makerspace, featuring modern engineering tools such as 3D printers and CNC machines, could significantly impact the career choices of students in Agabu.


Vision 2024


Landing Strip

Enabling Agabu to become an international Knowledge Hub.


Agabu is growing fast and there is a good chance of it becoming a renown place for intercultural exchange and knowledge transfer.

Building a Landing Strip will provide seamless connection from both Blantyre and Lilongwe Airport, making transport of international guests faster and safer.

Timon is already working on his Private Pilot License. :-)

Does our Vision for Agabu inspire you?

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