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Planning Phase

Why a guesthouse?

Throughout the year two - three YWAM schools are held in Agabu. Many teams and groups have started to do part of their outreaches in Agabu and more groups are expected to do so. They all need a place to sleep.

The original guesthouse has proven itself being to small to host all the people and many stressful moving-around-situations have shown the need of an other house. With us planning to bring people to Agabu as well, this housing situation needs to be taken care of. So this guesthouse is a means to an end.

A guesthouse for who?

This guesthouse shall be for any visitor or volunteer that wants to spend some time in Agabu. It is designed for bigger groups but can of course also be used by different single guests.

There will be more information about conditions and prices as soon as the house is finished and habitable.

Download PDF • 4.74MB

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